Connect to the Athstat Platform


•Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) through our Data Hub
•Athstat has multiple pre-built connectors to automatically connect to almost any data source
•Data can be uploaded as well from spreadsheets and other documents
•We have video coding / analysis services that sends output directly to Athstat
•Partners can be recommended for GPS, Biometrics, Gym Session data and more
•Data is secure at all times


Analyze & Automate

•Athstat AI-Powered Virtual Analyst reviews your data regularly to provide insights on your KPIs
•Weekly performance reviewed provided via email to assist in your analysis
•Can be turned off if needed
•Supported by Real Data Scientists that also help with:     
•Connecting your data sets      
•Setting up dashboards and visualizations      
•Quickly looking into any issues, errors or analysis gaps review
•Quick turnaround for any analysis needs

Analyze & Automate with Athstat
Competition and league management with Athstat

Competition and League Management

Competitions and Leagues can leverage our power tools and analytics - our platform includes a built-in game and scoring structure.

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