AI - Powered
Data Solutions

Athstat’s powerful computational engine is leveraged by customers for sports betting odds, predictions, power-rankings and more.

athstat data ecosystem

Well organized, secure and automated

We leverage AI and billions of data points to compute game predictions and fan engagement data

Data ingest

External APIs, websites, databases, CMS / League databases & more

Data cleaning

Data is cleaned, normalized and crunched using the Athstat AI* engine


Odds, predictions, and micro bets are streamed in real-time to operator/league APIs and Databases

Pitch to Sports Book

Get Your Data From Pitch to Sports Book

Athstat’s power lies in its ability to connect multiple data sources and crunch odds, predictions and Fan Engagement Data

Full effect

Are you a Niche Sport or Budding League that wants to allow fans to leverage iGaming and Sports Betting platforms using your league's data? Athstat's Competition Management module lets leagues input data and move it directly to Sports Betting and iGaming operators using our powerful API and AI capabilities

Connect securely

Get data out to multiple channels using our Data Hub
Social Media
If you're creating the data and we're managing it, we help you get the data out to fans

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