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Athstat at the MIT Sloan School of Management

Another month full of great news -  We had the pleasure to attend the MIT Sloan School of Management’s sports conference, the team continues its work with the Athstat Advisory AI module, and our Web3 release will happen soon!

Enthusiasm and opportunity to learn at the MIT Sloan School of Management’s sports conference

The Athstat team had a great time at the MIT Sloan School of Management's Sports Analytics Conference in Boston on March 3rd and 4th! We learnt a lot about our product and about ourselves - we have to simplify our message at Athstat, and we need to better communicate how and why we provide value to teams and sports organizations. There is a lot of enthusiasm, innovation and positivity in this space - glad we're in it and hope to be a part of this event again in the future.

Athstat Advisor AI module - our new AI-backed sports betting engine

We’re continuing to build out the Athstat Advisor AI module - our new AI-backed sports betting engine. Athstat, in collaboration with SIS - a leading sports betting organization - are supporting the creation and delivery of sports betting odds for the Major League Rugby (MLR)’s 2023 season. Check out the new release here:

Pitchside module - new updates

The latest update/release from our Pitchside module will cover tournament brackets/knockout stages. We’ve built a really solid competition management platform that is unique - once we collect data about the games, we can quickly send it out to multiple channels including Sports Betting Operators, broadcasters, social media and more!

New partnership, conference and web3

Athstat, official partner of HBCU Rugby

We are very excited to be the official data management and analytics partner of the @hbcurugbyclassic, taking place in Washington, DC at Howard University from March 31 to April 2, 2023. The event will feature top HBCU rugby teams from around the country, as well as live music performances and other activities.

College Esports conference in March

We will be at the College Esports conference in March - - (CEX) is the premier competitive gaming event company for the international college esports market. Their events intersect all stakeholders in the collegiate esports ecosystem simultaneously in one global platform for thought leadership, insight, and panel discussions on critical topics such as developing esports curriculum and competitive programs, esports industry trends, research, career opportunities, and exploring corporate synergies.

Entering Web3

Our Web 3 integration is very close to delivery - we can’t wait to release this unique offering that we are sure will be very well received across the sports analytics industry.

Analytical tip of the month

Check out this great article on sports analytics from Tableau - a great read for any budding data scientists and analysts in the sporting space:


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