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Athstat Partners with Premier Rugby Sevens for a second year in a row

Athstat is pleased to continue as Premier Rugby Sevens’ (PR7s’) competition management, sports analytics, and game-day stats provider!

We’re excited to continue our support for the world’s first major standalone club rugby sevens circuit in the world. We’ll be using our web-based, AI-backed platform to:

  • Perform live-scoring, track player movement
  • Code team and player-level stats
  • Present all data in real time on dashboards
  • Develop betting odds to support SIS
  • All data available via API to partners
  • Create team and individual AI-based stats reports

We’re providing even more capabilities for the event this year, with real-time stats collection and data analysis for fan engagement, coaching staff, broadcasters, and sports betting operators. The Athstat platform contains 3 core capabilities:

  • The Data Vault: We centralize all your competition data and keep it secure. We set up games, fixtures, seasons and player rosters in the app. A data hub allows us to manage different data integrations for each game, including video analysis throughput and GPS data collection.
  • The Athstat Advisor: Our AI-backed engine provides enhanced data analysis and access points to the data. We manage your data and organize it so it's easily accessible. Our data scientists create analytical reports, and share data through multiple channels via API (website, broadcasters, coaches)
  • Digital Asset Creator: we create digital artifacts that allow teams and athletes to get a return on their athletic abilities using our marketplace ( We crunch sports betting odds that allow organizations to monetize and fund other activities. We’re excited to be providing support using all 3 modules for PR7s this year!

What is the Premier Rugby Sevens event?

Premier Rugby Sevens is the first major standalone club rugby sevens circuit in the world, and is growing at a fast pace. PR7s brings together 16 teams, 8 for men and 8 for women, from across the country to compete in an exciting touring model.

What makes PR7s stand out is its unique approach to rugby. Unlike other leagues that focus solely on the traditional version of the sport, PR7s offers a fresh take that highlights the skill and athleticism of its players. With fewer players on the field, the game is faster and more dynamic, making for a genuinely thrilling experience.

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