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Athstat Partners with SCCG to enter the Sports Betting Space

2022 was an amazing year. We released Athstat v2.0, supported sports events, and entered great partnerships. We couldn’t have expected more! Let’s review Athstat 2022 milestones.

A year of great partnerships’ announcements

We’ve entered into a partnership with SCCG, a leading consultancy and investment firm that specializes in sports betting, iGaming, sports marketing, affiliate marketing, technology and more! We announced a partnership with Bounty Sports as we take our AI predictions and data services to another level

Athstat is continuously going into new markets, including the U.A.E, with our partnership with Ottimo Sports

Supporting teams in their data analytics management and analysis

Athstat supported the World School 7s tournament in New Zealand - one of the largest school-level 7s tournaments in the world.

We closed out a great Fall Season of rugby supporting a number of NCAA teams including St. Bonaventure, Adrian College and Davenport University.

Athstat V2.0 enhanced features

Our last software release included advanced dashboarding available in the Athstat app, making it easier for users to quickly access their data, and a lot more!

Coming up soon - Athstat new features

We’re continuing our campaign with NCAA colleges, focused on Lacrosse, Rugby and Soccer. The Athstat Analytics platform continues to improve and provide colleges with an extra set of tools to automate their analysis and give coaches more time to coach.

Our next software release will include a revamped player card and data summary section, making it easier for Athletes to get a snapshot of their performance based on the data in the system.

Our Predictive Analytical capabilities are growing, with a new announcement coming soon for a next generation product that will help iGaming and Fantasy players get more data points in order to make better decisions

We are putting the finishing touches on our web3 NFT marketplace slated for quarter one of 2023. We're excited to be working with various professional MLR players and the entire South Florida Rugby Football Club to roll out their NFT's. We are also working with a big sports legend whom we can't wait to reveal to you soon!


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