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The Benchmarkers Podcast Ep.2: Scotland vs. France - Building the Dream Team for the World Cup!

We're continuing our Road to the Rugby World Cup focus, providing new analysis on our Podcast: The Benchmarkers! This week, our hosts Nyasha and Kumbi are joined by Paul, an AI analyst and rugby player based in France. Together, they dive deep into the world of rugby analysis, discussing various topics and sharing their insights.

Analyzing the Games Leading up to the World Cup: One segment of the podcast focuses on analyzing all the games leading up to the World Cup. The hosts and Paul each create their own team of the week, with Nyasha introducing the unique perspective of AI-generated selections using Athstat Advisor. While Kumbi and Paul focus on player attributes like work ethic and dedication, Athstat's AI Advisor takes into account captured tournament KPIs such as tackles and carries to determine the best 15 players in each position.

As they compare their lists, the hosts and Paul discuss the differences between AI-generated selections and fan choices. The AI's focus on data for the entire 80 minutes of a match sometimes differs from fans who pay more attention to game changers and critical moments. And Athstat AI Advisor's holistic view of matches is crucial because it allows for a more comprehensive assessment of player performance throughout the entire match, rather than solely focusing on game-changing moments. AI-generated selections provide a unique and valuable insight that complements the perspectives of human analysts and fan choices.

Introducing AI-Generated Athstat Reports : The podcast also introduces AI-generated reports, which delve into different aspects of the game, providing mathematically important KPIs for team selection and analysis. These reports are valuable tools for coaches, analysts, and fans alike.By leveraging AI-generated reports, coaches and analysts gain a deeper understanding of the game. This enables them to optimize team performance by identifying areas of improvement and potential weaknesses, and devising targeted training programs to address specific skillsets or tactical vulnerabilities. With advanced analytics available, rugby coaches and analysts can stay ahead of the competition and elevate their teams to new heights of success.

Reviewing the Recent Match Between Scotland and France : In this episode, the hosts start off by reviewing the recent match between Scotland and France. They analyze France's winning model, giving listeners a pre-game analysis before the match took place on the 12th of this month.Our analysis and predictions were right on point, and, as we expected, France emerged victorious.

To learn more about their in-depth analysis and AI insights, be sure to check out Episode 2 of the The Benchmarkers podcast on our YouTube channel.

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