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Monetize your performance data with Athstat Marketplace

Athstat is pleased to announce the roll-out of our new Athstat Marketplace - a Web 3 store to trade and sell digital assets that focus on player performance. Athletes and teams can leverage the Athstat Marketplace to create stats-backed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in their Name, Image, and Likeness.

Users can also promote their brand - sell experiences, memorabilia, and more on a decentralized Web 3 platform!

Athstat web3 marketplace: Earn money from your performance

The Athstat Marketplace has been designed for Athletes and teams to own their sports statistics and have the ability to monetize their performances and their data. The Athstat team does all the heavy lifting - all we need from you are a couple of action shots. We gather your stats from our Data Vault, create your digital assets, mint them on the blockchain, and transfer them to you for sale. All you have to do is create a Web 3 wallet and market your NFT!

Our Marketplace is a great way to create a bigger digital presence on the internet and web 3 - places that can help grow your career!

Want to learn more about NFTs and Web 3 technology - check out the resources pages on our marketplace:

Monetize in many ways

Athstat and the marketplace aim to help athletes and teams as much as we can - additional ways the Marketplace can be leveraged are as follows:

  • We partner with a leading student loan repayment platform and allow the proceeds from NFT sales to go directly to paying off an athlete’s student loans
  • Small teams, college teams, and amateur teams can use the platform to fund-raise - our team still creates and lists the NFTs for you.

Athletes continue to get royalties after the initial sale - as long as the NFTs continue to be sold on the Blockchain!

Our next big release will include an offering for dynamic stats-backed NFTs - athletes will be able to sell a subscription to Marketplace collections that update the player’s stats whenever a game is completed.

Want to know more - check out or email us at

You can also find information on our transaction fees, royalties, and more.


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