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The Advisor: PR7s Eastern Conference Stats summary, Oworu Digital Assets, NIL State of Play

Athstat <> PR7s: Eastern Conference Highlights from Beautiful Austin, TX!

What a start to the Premier Rugby Sevens 2023 Tournament! The Eastern Conference in Austin, TX had us on the edge of our seats with all the action on the field. All four franchises acquitted themselves really well, with Locals heading the pack after this initial round.

The Athstat team were on the ground providing all necessary data and analytics support. Check out these links for more data form the first round of action, as well as a couple of highlighted stats cards below:

Men's Eastern Conference stats round up: Link

Women's Eastern Conference stats round up: Link

Log Standings: Link

See you in Minneapolis, MN, for the Western Conference!

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Athstat Marketplace: Matt Oworu's 2023 HSBC7s collectible is now available!

We’re following up on our first Digital Asset of Matt Oworu - International Rugby 7s Star and Canada International - with a second stats-backed Digital Asset to showcase this immense talent!

Matt had a phenomenal 2023 HSBC 7s tournament, capped by a Dream Team nomination for the Singapore leg of the tournament.

He was also #6 for the most number of Offloads throughout the tournament.

Can’t wait for the next big things in Matt’s career - get this Digital Asset to be a part of Matt’s journey.

We’ll have more to come from this superstar in the near future.

Check it out here:

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Building a Stronger Fanbase: The Benefits of Athlete Digital Assets

Are you an athlete who is tired of constantly trying to boost your fanbase to no avail? Look no further than athlete digital assets. By creating and sharing digital assets in your name, image, and likeness (NIL) - you have the unique opportunity to stay connect with your fans and shape your career at your own terms.

But the benefits don't stop there. Athlete digital assets also provide opportunities for brand partnerships and sponsorships, increasing revenue streams and allowing for long-term financial stability.

Beyond financial gain, digital assets also give athletes a platform to share their stories and connect with fans outside of their traditional on-the field athletic achievements. This can lead to stronger brand loyalty and deeper emotional connections with fans.

So why not invest in the creation and sharing of athlete digital assets? It's a win-win for both athletes and fans.  If you’re interested in joining this exciting new opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll help you get started

Investment Round-up - who's doing what:


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