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The Benchmarkers : The Sports Analytics Podcast - A Closer Look at the Rugby Championship!

By popular demand, Team Athstat introduces a new Podcast focused on rugby analytics, AI, predictions, and more. Check out new episodes here:

Episode 1: Looking at the Rugby Championship and the Road to the World Cup

Rugby enthusiasts and statisticians alike all agree that the recently concluded U20 Rugby Championship was a display of exceptional talent and skill from young athletes. However, when it comes to identifying the top players of the tournament, there are different approaches to take.

AI AI AI AI One way is through the use of AI analysis, specifically Athstat Advisor, our in-house AI analysis tool, which played a key role in generating detailed player and game performance reports through the latest performance benchmarks by scrutinizing numerous Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as running meters, kicking accuracy, and similar metrics, the AI model produced individual scores for each player, ranging from 100 downwards. Where a score of 100 was given to the best performing player, and then the rest of the players were given scores relative to the best performing player.This data-driven approach provided an objective assessment of a player's influence and performance in the tournament.

Kumbi's Take: On the other hand, Kumbi - one of our co-presenter's - approach as a rugby fan revolved around assessing not only statistics but also the overall impact of each player on their respective teams. He considered their ability to excel in crucial moments and evaluated their potential to transition into the professional game later in their careers. By combining performance statistics with intangible factors, Kumbi's view accounted for the players' broader contributions beyond the collected individual performance stats.

Regardless of the method used, there is no denying that numerous standout players emerged from this tournament, making the task of selecting top performers undeniably challenging.

Road to the World Cup: Furthermore, the discussion also delved into the road to the World Cup, analyzing test rugby matches and predictions for men's international games. But the road to the World Cup is long and steep, and teams need to strategize effectively to succeed. By using the Athstat data vault to organize and secure season-over-season team and player performance data, which includes metrics like GPS, Video, and Biometrics, teams can securely store the data and analyze it later to gain insights. This allows teams to strategize and adapt their playing styles against opponents, ultimately maximizing their chances of success.

It's clear that rugby is not just a game of brawn and athleticism - it's also a game of strategy and data analysis. Tune in to our YouTube podcast to discover our analysts' thoughts on the U20 championship, the road to the World Cup, and more.

As rugby fans, we can't wait to see what the future holds for these young athletes and how data analysis will continue to shape the game. By combining statistical analysis with holistic assessments, the rugby community can gain a comprehensive understanding of players' abilities, contributing to their development and the overall evolution of the sport.

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