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What is Time Series analysis and why is it important

Once again, the month of February was a rich one! Our team did great, adding new features and capabilities to the Athstat platform. We are also glad to see that our partnerships stay strong.

Athstat Virtual AI Analyst

ChatGPT you say! Check out The Athstat Virtual AI Analyst: Our latest update includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated performance reports for teams after each game and at the end of the season. The reports include indicators that reflect what a team does well when they’re winning, and where they need to improve. The reports work off of the GPS, Biometrics and video code that we ingest for our customers - let us do the crunching for you!

Performance Dashboards

We've fully-deployed our in-app performance dashboards - teams get quick access to critical performance data as soon as it comes into the Athstat Platform.

Wearable and video-coding spaces partnerships

We’re continuing to build our partnerships in the wearable and video-coding space, so that teams can get access to market-learning technology. We’re proud to continue our partnerships with McLloyd GPS and iSportsAnalysis for video code services in this regard.

Black History Month

We celebrate Black History Month in the US, and support and appreciate all Black Athletes across all sports codes, levels, and organizations.

Exciting news coming up

April new release

A Big Release is in the works for April - we’re setting up enhanced Player Cards for Athletes. This feature will allow athletes to go into the app and view their stats. It will also allow them to filter their game and season data to look at specific data points and download data about themselves.

Enlarging our customer base

We’re continuing to build our customer base in the college soccer, rugby, lacrosse and field hockey space - lots of new signings coming up!

Meet Athstat Advisor, our AI engine

We’re pushing on the Athstat Advisor - our new AI-backed sports betting engine - and will be releasing our predictions for the large Rugby events in the Spring.

Bringing sports data into web3 with NFTs

We’re continuing to build a super cool Web 3 technology that will allow athletes to leverage their stats as part of an NFT offering. More to come soon!!

Analytical tip of the month

Time Series: a time series is a series of data points indexed (or listed or graphed) in time order. Most commonly, a time series is a sequence taken at successive equally spaced points in time.Why is time series important for coaches, analysts and players? It allows you to find patterns in your data over time, thereby allowing you to understand how your performance needs to change in order to be successful. This analysis can help to advise training methods and correct specific issues that are recurring.

For example, time series in rugby for line-outs can help teams identify how their line-out win/loss percentages affect their overall performance and win/loss. Unless you use a time series analysis over the seasons or games that have been played, it will be almost impossible to to understand how this performance affects your overall team unit.

Athstat allows teams to model their data using time series for all actions and data points in the platform.


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